Friday, September 10, 2010

Impatient Writer’s Syndrome

I have a disease. It is Impatient Writer’s Syndrome.

I am currently working on an amazing project that I love and am so excited to complete. It is a Paranormal Suspense and I have about half of it written so far. The problem is that the writing never happens fast enough. The story is there, playing out like a movie in my head, but the typing is so dang slow! I know that I am no speed typist, but still, between being a mom of an infant and ‘big kid’ and being a wife and being a school helper… There is just not enough time in the day to make this whole job of writing a speedy endeavor. Therefore, I end up formulating the entire novel in my head before I have a chance to catch up on the typing. Of course there are always the little twists and turns that take place during the actual writing, which make the story even better, and by staying inside my head for an extended period of time it is as if it has been edited several times prior to being put into print (or type.) But still… time, time, time, see what’s become of me.

Unfortunately staying up until 3 am every night just doesn’t work for me. If I could find a way to live without sleep and still be a functioning person, I would, believe me! But, as I am not one of my characters, I cannot.

So what is the issue, you say? Just type when you can, work hard, persevere, be consistent, yada, yada, yada…

Well, ok. But the real problem comes when I have a new idea! A new book starts to take shape in my mind. I ignore it at first, then it comes back. I write down a few notes. I like this idea, I want to remember it. Then the dialog begins. The book starts to actually get written in my mind one day. Opening scene complete… it would be a waste to not get it down, since it’s already there, so I begin, just a little.

Then it happens! I have spotted a new love. But I’m still in love with the novel I was working on! I don’t want to hurt it by rushing through the rest of the writing. I want to give it all the time it deserves to come into full being. So I resist the shimmering hope that this new love offers, I resist and I write! I hone and revise and edit and spend quality time with that first love. But in my mind I’m already cheating on it! In my mind I am already spending time developing characters and working through conversations and scenes. In my mind I am a novelizer!! I never thought it would happen to me! All the novels, all the possibility! Why can’t I stay true to the one I have chosen to be with? Why am I always looking ahead to that next great adventure, that next potential love?

What do you do when you feel the pangs of Impatient Writer’s Syndrome begin? How do you combat the lure of that new love? All I have figured so far is to keep writing, stay true to that first love. See it through to completion. But on the side I do make notes, lots of notes, about the new love I am tracking. I don’t want to lose the potential it offers! But I don’t want to lose the potential of the current novel either. So, I cheat!

In the world of writing can you have your cake and eat it too? Can a novel complete with the strength it began with when the heart has started to move on?

Tell me, how do you combat Impatient Writer’s Syndrome?

Weigh in with your responses here…

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Christauna Asay said...

With difficulty. Right now I'm putting myself on a deadline, preparing notes for that next potential love which I will be seeing come November for nanowrimo. Until then, old love has my undivided attention.