Friday, October 1, 2010

Beetle Juice : (The Angst of a Parent)

Ok, this post has nothing to do with being a writer and everything to do with being a parent.
As some of you may know, others not, Similac Infant Formula just issued a recall.  The recall is due to an unacceptable number of beetle parts in their formula.  This recall spans from January through September 2010.
Ok, the recall spans the life of my child!  Yes, my child who has been given Similac since birth.  Yes, my child whom we have spent a large sum of money on to buy infant formula which was in actuality, Beetle Juice!
My child is ok, with hopefully no issues relating to the inferior infant formula usage.  Of course who am I to tell what ingesting beetles from birth would do to a person?  What symptoms do I look for exactly?
My real issue comes with the whole idea of a recall for an item that you buy and use (eat) relatively quickly.  So they are saying they will buy back any unused formula you still have.  But formula is not something you keep around for a year or two!  Of course most of the inferior product was long ago consumed!  If they are willing to buy back the unused portion, shouldn’t they at least have to refund me for the used portion?  After all, the unused portion is really the least of my worries.  It’s all the inferior beetle juice consumed that is the real issue here!
I bought their product for my child, wanting to give her the best start I could.  They sold me a product promising a good quality, safe, healthy infant formula.  That is not what they gave me!  I did not get what I paid for.  My child did not get what they claimed to be selling.  Shouldn’t that be their main concern?  Shouldn’t they have to do something to make up for the inferior product used more that the portion unused?
Similac!  It’s time to make up for what you did, not quietly remove the evidence!  I didn’t look for the brand that claimed to have the added protein of beetles.  Yet that is what my baby was raised on.  Admit it; that is just gross!  Now tell me how you plan to make up for that?
You can have your Beetle Juice back, but give me something for the portion you can’t get back!
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

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JEFritz said...

I agree. Buying back what you have left doesn't go anywhere near making up for the Beetle Juice (now you've got me doing it). I'm sure your daughter will be fine and someday when she's a teenager, you will recall this with amusement. As for Similac, I'm pretty sure you know what they can go do...