Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Contest, Just for fun…It’s Happy Bunny 2011 Weekly Planner

Contest, Just for fun…
You could win your very own copy of …

It’s Happy Bunny 2011 Weekly Planner

I’m not going to expect too much for this one, but a little tiny bit of writing (post it as a comment here to win by random drawing.)

Am I a writer or a waiter?
Lately I have been doing a lot of both it feels like. 
I write while I wait to make the waiting pass by quicker and to feel more productive too.
I write while I wait because maybe that next manuscript will be the one that sells (although I’m still hoping it will be the one in the agent’s hands now!)
I write and write and write.
Which leads to more waiting and waiting and waiting.

So tell me your story, do you write while you wait?  Do you wait to read what other’s are writing?
Are you a waiter?  Or are you a writer?


Julie Geistfeld said...

Ooops - Sorry, this contest will be open until Friday 10-22-10 at 10pm PST.
Thank you!!

Jennifer Hillier said...

I LOVE Happy Bunny. He's such an awesomely mean little thing :)

Like you, I'm a writer and a waiter. But lately a writer (thank goodness). Waiting, in my opinion, is WAY harder, and I could never write (not well, anyway) while waiting.

Anonymous said...

I do not write...I beta read while YOU wait :) Which totally works for me. My writing looks like this: Nikki see boy. Boy like Nikki. Nikki and Boy live happily ever after. The End.

Julie Geistfeld said...

Jennifer - Thanks for stopping by to comment! I think I would go crazy only waiting without writing...
Love the contest going on over at Killer Chicks too!

Nikki - that was one impressive story! It cuts right to the chase, but I do see some repeated name usage. :o)
You sure didn't make me wait long... I had to do speed editing just to keep up with your reading!

Julie Geistfeld said...

Ok, there were two of you up for the Happy Bunny 2011 planner and by random drawing the winner is......

Jennifer Hillier

Congrats! Contact me with your mailing info so that the prize can be sent out right away!

Thanks to all who participated! And stay tuned Nikki... there is going to be a contest soon that you won't want to miss...

Jennifer Hillier said...

I won? Awesome! :)

Julie, I was looking for your email address to send you my info but didn't find it. Here's mine if you can shoot me an email: jennifer (at) I'll respond with my mailing address.

Cool contest, and thanks!