Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Life is British Comedy

So many of my readers have made various comments on my original drafts that have to do with a couple things…
First of all, my inclination to talk a little bit too British sometimes.
No, I’m not a British old lady, I just play one on TV.  Well, not me exactly, but my family for sure.
 Here’s my illustration:
I meet future husband and we sit down to watch some TV at his place.  Keeping Up Appearances comes on.  He’s excited.  I’m wondering what this is, but British sitcoms are usually pretty good, so I’m game.  By about fifteen minutes into the first episode I have ever seen my mouth is hanging open and I’m thinking, “Why do people think this is funny?  This is so, not funny!  No, see, this happens to me every day at my house, and it is NOT FUNNY!”  By the end of the first episode I was rather shaken by the fact that this character of Hyacinth and all the little minions she Queened herself over was considered comedy.  Because, and you’ll have to trust me here, when you live with a Hyacinth, it is NOT FUNNY!  It’s actually quite hard growing up as a subject of the self-appointed Queen of the world.  (No, it’s not my mother if you all are thinking that…) 
So my future husband tried to explain the hilarity that others feel in viewing my daily existence as British comedy.  Still, didn’t get it.  He told me that I should try distancing myself from the situation and try to see what other people see, then I could laugh at it and it wouldn’t feel so bad.  Ok, what does he think he is a psych major? (No, he’s an accountant.)  But I gave it another go, chuckling nervously to myself.  Feeling guilty that I might even be making light of situations that I had lived through.  Situations that were SO NOT FUNNY!  By the third episode I was laughing, yes laughing, at us, at the bizarreness that is my family, at the irony of life.  Had I finally learned after 20+ years to laugh at the Queen herself?
Ok, fast forward a year or so.  Now married and own the complete box set of Keeping up Appearances.  Family is over (including the Queen) and trying to find ways to entertain them all.  Husband suggest watching Keeping up Appearances.  Now, with my new distance from the situation, I agree.  The Queen is excited, turns out she loves the show!  We begin to watch, at which point I look over at my Mom, mouth open and shocked look on her face.  I know that look and I know what’s going through her mind, “This is so NOT FUNNY!  Why are they laughing?  No, this is real!”
End of first episode and the Queen turns to my Mom, “That is so you and ‘your husband’!  Ha Ha Ha.”  Ok, my Mom goes from shocked and teary to ready to spit nails (at the Queen.)  It took my Mom about three episodes to learn how to laugh at the way British comedy viewers watched her life play out.  But she learned, eventually.
Sometimes it’s ok to find humor in what was in no way a humorous situation when it occurred.  British comedy has apparently captured my life, and I’ve learned to laugh along.

(Oh, by the way, yes we had a Richard, Rose, Onslow, Daisy… we had the whole cast in our family, plus some extras that must have been cut for the BBC version of our lives.)
Looking for more of my BBC life?  Check out Monarch of the Glenn… I would usually say that the simplest way is the best, but not with my family!  Or how about the documentary that had the queen going through the display of her gowns… holy cow, that happened at my house on a monthly basis, at least!

So to all my readers out there, forgive me if I go off on British old lady dialog every once in a while… just returning to my roots for a moment.  (Don’t worry all you agents, editors, publishers out there, it’s been edited out as much as possible.)

Watch for my follow up post on why older men are HOT.


Julie Geistfeld said...

Post a comment here (and mention tea) while the Tea and Sympathy blog giveaway is going on, and I'll enter you to win a Teavana Tea gift pack as well. What the hay! British drink tea, so it all goes together!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Stay true to your own voice. It may well be the unique item that attracts an agent to your work.

Good luck with your publication dreams, Roland

Anonymous said...

HAHA I have tried COUNTLESS times to watch this show...and each time I get to the end and think "Ok, I want that bit of my life back" LOL...I can't do it...just can't. Hope I don't move to England any time soon huh? LMAO