Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Older Men can be HOT

Believe it or not, Older Men can be HOT
Ok, so in my last post I tried to explain to all my readers out there why my characters sometimes sound like an old British lady. 
Now on to another subject that my readers have questioned.  The age and hotness of my main characters.  Yes, most male main characters in my stories tend to be a little older than the female characters.  They also tend to be really nice guys, even when they’re vampires and werewolves.  Yes, they’re strong, for sure, masculine, for sure, but they’re so confident that they don’t mind showing their heart every now and then.
I don’t have a lot of defense here, except that I like older men, and I like strong, kindhearted men.  Yes, I write about the characters that I can’t help but fall in love with.
When I was young (very young) the first ‘TV crush’ I had was on Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver.  Oh my goodness!  He could fix anything!  If you were stranded on a deserted island with one person, you would pick him.  Plus there was the whole, quiet, alone, slightly hurting, thing that he had going on.  You just knew that if you could be a character on the show, you could break through and bring true happiness into his life.  You could heal all his hurt and then some.
When I found out that RDA was actually as old as my Dad, there came a pivotal point in my youth.  Your first reaction is always going to be, ‘oh, gross!’  But what comes after that?  Do I abandon my loving obsession for this man, or do I say ‘What the hay!’ and go right on loving him?  Well, you can probably imagine which one I did…  Yes, what the hay!
So I followed that TV crush up with some others that were all too similar I’m afraid.  Johnny Depp, Christian Slater, Hugh Jackman, Lloyd Owen, Clive Owen, Colin Firth, Mark Harmon…; and let’s face it, some of them just keep getting better with age!
I’m afraid this trend followed me into real life as well.  I never was interested in boys my age, but there were some rather fine teaching interns that I came across in my day.  The closest to my age that I was ever interested in would have been five years my senior, but I tended to stay in the 10-12 range.  I can’t explain it, it’s just me.  Yes, if you’re wondering, my husband is 11 years older than me.  I’ll admit it, when you’re 15 that difference can seem, well ewwww, but give it another five years and, hey not so bad!
So if you think that my younger characters are interested in guys who are too old, just remember, older guys can be really HOT.  If you’re still having trouble with it, try picturing Johnny Depp or Hugh Jackman as my leading character… it can really help I hear.  Besides, most of my characters are in some way immortal, so hey, what is age anyway?  Nothin’!
Now, you think the old guy is just too nice?  Maybe saying he’s sorry too much, a couple tears too many, expressing himself too well?  It just goes along with the whole, I’m tough, I’m strong, I’ll sweep you off your feet, but I need you desperately, thing.  They are strong, they’re tough and sometimes lethal, but she can melt their heart.  Yes, she being female main character of course.  Because who doesn’t want to be loved that way?  The badest boy on the block but he’d cry a tear for losing you.  (Just me?)  He would defend you to the death and yet keeps all those killing instincts under control just so he can be with you. 
Besides, maybe it takes a little age to have that kind of control and confidence.  You’re not worried about how anyone else views you.  You don’t kill just to raise the body count (anger and revenge, well ok, but not body count.)  You’ve learned in those years.  You know how to appreciate a good woman, even if she happens to be 15 years younger than you were when you were last human.  Hey, it’s all good.
So, maybe I don’t have a good excuse for my leading male characters.  That’s just the way I like ‘em ladies!  Anyone concur?
If you do, all good then.
If no, then just picture Hugh Jackman or Johnny Depp, or whoever your middle aged idea of hot might be.  Go ahead, we know you have one!
And if you’re not a lady, well then just be happy there are ladies out there who are capable of viewing middle aged anything as hot, because if you’re not middle aged yet, you will be soon enough.
Ahhh, feels good to get that out.  Maybe next post I’ll cover contractions (or lack thereof)… Ok, I have no defense for that one!  Sorry readers.


Aimee L Salter said...

I have a suspicion we are of similar ages and ilks... not to mention FABULOUS taste in men. You just listed most of my All Time Hottest.


Remember 21 Jump Street when it WASN'T vintage?

Sandra Rose Hughes said...

I completely agree with you. I am 27, and I still remember the day when I first thought a 50 year old guy was attractive. At first I was like "Gah- that guy could be my Dad," but then I was like...well, he's still pretty hot. My husband is 7 years older than I am. I would say it definitely depends on the guy...but kindness is hot no matter how old someone is.