Friday, November 12, 2010

What’s Your Super Power?

When I was young there was this show on T.V., Out of This World.  In this show, Evie, the main character was half alien and half human.  She had the power to stop time and restart it.  All she had to do was put her fingers together and time on Earth would stop.  She could go and do whatever she wanted, leaving time frozen around her.  If she wanted to unfreeze someone else she could touch them and unfreeze them with her.  Then, when she was ready she put her hands together and time un-froze.
Ever since I saw that show I had a new ultimate super human power desire.  (Before that I think Plastic Man was the one I envied.)  But the ability to stop time…  Super-human cool!
When I was younger I would have used this power to work on homework without missing any shows.  Or I could have gone on private adventures without ever being missed.  I would have been able to sleep in whenever I wanted and stay up late every night.  That would have been so cool.
As I’ve grown older, this super power has remained my constant number one in supernatural ability wishes.  Its benefits are endless.  Its drawbacks almost nil.  It is the ultimate super power.  Just think…  I could do my ‘mom’ thing all day long, then I could stop time and sleep as long as I needed to.  Then, with time still frozen I could write as long as my fingers could stand the typing.  I could unfreeze time and still do laundry and the dishes and all the other home stuff.  I could even watch T.V. or play my Wii, without it taking away from my write time.  How cool would that be?
Rough day?  Freeze time and nap.
Kiddo about to fall down?  Freeze time and set them upright, or put a pillow under them.
Inspiration strike?  Freeze time and write until you get it out of your system.
Ok, I’ll admit that there could be some issues that arose if you had this ability.  Learning how to limit your usage of it.  Dealing with seeing everything and everyone frozen in time (kinda strange).  If you age during that time, then how many years will it eventually add up to?
But if you take away all those little ‘realities’ and just look at it in a supernatural sort of way…  Totally the coolest super human power, with the absolute most practical uses.

So, if you could have a super power, what one would you choose?


Jennifer Hillier said...

It's a toss up between invisibility and telekinesis. I'm thinking telekinesis. It would be cool to move stuff without having to get up.

Wendy Delfosse said...

Your blog makes me think of eternity - having no limits on your time. Good thing that really CAN happen! :-)

Julie Geistfeld said...

Jennifer, I think Telekinesis and Invisibility both would be cool, but seem like a way lot of work to be good at! I'm sure something would go wrong for me! Ha!

Wendy, wow, cool! I love to make people think about eternity. (That's something I like about the whole paranormal writing thing.) When I get published someday you'll see some of that in my books.

Thanks for the comments!