Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anti-Resolution II: Change Your View

Earlier I wrote my Anti-Resolution Resolution post, which included my top five suggestions on how to make you feel like a better you without the involvement of any resolution.
But, drumroll please…. Thank you!
I have one final DIY makeover tip that you should really consider making a part of your everyday life, or at least weekly, or monthly life.  Most of you reading this blog are already familiar with this, but others who happen to be searching for something to resolute on may find this post and give it a try.
One thing that will change your world, how you view your world and how you relate to your own story is by finding a getaway in another world and another story.  I do this by writing.  Others may not write, but do this same thing by reading what people like me write.  Do whichever you are called to do.
TV and movies cannot substitute for this adventure which takes place in your mind.  TV and Movies have their place, for sure.  They take you away and let you shut down areas of your brain while your senses get stimulated.  Writing and reading don’t allow that shut down.  In fact they require an even deeper awareness and mental function. 
No matter how vivid the writing may be, you, the reader must interact; must use your brain to fill in the pictures and the faces, visualize the backdrop, must make yourself a part of the story so that your heart can race and your nerves prickle with every twist and turn that the plotline weaves.
When you let go of your world, for this brief time, and dive into the world of a book you are re-awakened, not just to the beauty of that new world, but to the beauty in your own.  You ask questions you never would have thought to ask before.  You see people and places in the light of another’s eyes.  You feel a little deeper than you really want to in your safe little well built world of reality. 
You are open when you read.  Open to what might be, open to what it might feel like, open to hurt and joy, open to sorrow and grief.  You get to fall in love for the first time over and over again, and in doing so rekindle the place in your heart where that feeling lives.  We don’t always think about that feeling long after the fact, but maybe we should.
I think about it all the time.  Every time I’m getting ready to write those scenes where my main character meets ‘the one’ or the potential one, I view those scenes over and over in my mind, until that feeling is just right.  They capture and hold it, they linger over it.  I linger over it.  How many times do I do that when I’m not writing?  After 10 years of marriage…. Um, well, falling in love for the first time is pretty much kaput in my world.  But why does it have to be?  I love remembering that feeling.  I love feeling it all over again through my characters.  I love that readers might feel it all over again through them too.  How cool is that?
So, for my final Anti-Resolution, Resolution, I’d like to suggest that the entire world do one of two things, or heck, do them both.  Write yourself a story, a whole book in fact.  And pick up a really great book and let yourself go on an emotional journey.  It may not change your world, but it will always change how you view it.
Nothing brings you closer to reality than a little well-written fiction!
Happy 2011 Everyone!

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alexia said...

So right! I actually purposefully watch TV if I need to relax my brain... it really has a shut down effect.