Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anti-Resolution Resolution

Ok, so it’s that time of year again.  Talk has already begun to circulate regarding resolutions.  Well, I don’t make resolutions, never have made resolutions, don’t really understand resolutions and feel no compulsion whatsoever to try making them.  There, I said it!
Instead of posting to tell you about my resolutions, since I clearly have none, I will tell you about little things you can do in your every-day that might help alleviate some of the need for a big make-it or break-it resolution once a year.
Women usually have resolutions about themselves.  Weight, exercise, nutrition, it all goes together and let’s face it, most resolutions in this area involve some major changes in your daily life.  Drastic, overnight changes are setting you up for failure.  No one can change their whole life and schedule that way, especially when your schedule involves numerous other people, both small and large who depend on you in their schedules.  So unless you have a personal trainer, personal chef, personal assistant and dietician on your staff, then that ain’t gonna happen!
After having two kids and aging just a bit, I’ve realized a few things…
1 – When they say that you’ll permanently gain 10 lbs for each child you have, they’re right
2 – That 10 lbs each hardly matters when you factor in all the other ways your body changes
3 – You have to let go of the ‘old’ fresh and youthful you, you have left her behind
4 – Maybe that’s all ok
Time changes us.  All Of Us!  Whether we like it or not.  We have to accept that change or we will stop enjoying life.  And unless you’re one of the characters in my books, that life is short.  (Well, I guess for my characters it can both be long and involve very little of the change I’m talking about, but that’s fiction, this is reality.)
So, ladies (and who knows, maybe some of this will work for the men out there too?) here is my list of things we can do that involve changing our daily routines to help us feel better about us without the involvement of pesky resolutions…
1 – Color your hair
            Gray hair when your 17 really stinks, gray hair when your thirty something and exhausted should be illegal!  Just looking at it in the mirror makes you feel ten years older than you are.  Every time you wash it away you will feel like a younger you.
2 – Make sure that nice original-color hair is shiny
            Because, dang it, it just feels good to see that sheen!  I recommend Moroccan oil, it really gives a nice shine in just a couple sprays and lasts, even if you don’t have time to shower the next day… not that I ever do that myself, noooooo.
3 – Buy and wear sexy lingerie
No nothing extravagant or uncomfortable.  Things that you can wear all the time under normal clothes.  Just pick out things that you normally wouldn’t, things that make you feel like ‘wouldn’t they all be surprised if they knew’.  Things that make you feel pretty and sexy and alive.  No one may ever see these things, but it will change how you feel every day.  Underneath it all, be a little more daring you.
4 – Really great fitting jeans
            Yeah, you know the ones I mean!  Not your grandma’s jeans.  Ones that you look at in the mirror and say, ‘oh, yeah, I look good in these’.  It may be a very, very, very terrible shopping day, but it will be worth it.  Take a whole day if you have to, but find those jeans (and if you do, buy more than one pair!)
5 – A swimsuit that looks good on you
            Ok, this may be an even worse shopping day, or ten…  But when you find a suit that even you look at yourself in and say, ‘hey, not bad’, then you have accomplished a feat that will bring a smile to your face for years to come!  Even if you only put that suit on once in three years, it will be worth it.  Because avoiding wearing one, avoiding events that might lead to wearing one, avoiding a drinking fountain because you think about events that may lead to wearing one… not good!

So there, you have it.  That’s my short list of ways to avoid feeling the need to make one of those weight, exercise, nutrition centered resolutions.  And you know what… if you do these things then the weight, exercise, nutrition thing might happen a little more easily without a big’ol resolution.
Now, if your resolutions happen to be centered around some other aspect of your life…  Sorry, can’t really help you there!  But good luck with that.
Happy New Year!
Welcome in 2011 with a sexy new you!

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Psst... Anti-resolution resolution additional post to come shortly!
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