Monday, December 6, 2010

Johnny Depp - The Man, The Myth, The Actor

Ok, I’ve been promising all you Twitter followers a post on Johnny Depp.
Yes, I love this guy.  When I imagine my stories making it to big screen I would probably let him play any male role that he would grace with his presence.
I know what you’re thinking, of course I would, he’s HOT.  I won’t argue about that, I’m not blind or insane.  But that’s not why I would be ecstatic to have him slip into the skin of one of my characters.  Don’t give me that look!  I’m serious.
Johnny Depp is probably the best actor of our time.  He’s the best because of what he can do for every character he portrays.  He doesn’t just act the words, or bring a tangible life to the character, he becomes the character.  When I watch one of his movies I forget that I’m watching Johnny Depp and all I see is this person, rich and deep, full of hope and flaws and humor.  He becomes the character, he creates the character, and he draws you into the depth of their soul.
Isn’t that what an actor is supposed to do?  Hollywood might not agree.  They pay big money for a big name, they want you to notice that big name.  But he’s worth every penny because you don’t notice him, and yet can’t ignore his characters. 
I love how he never chooses a character that you think a leading man should chose.  He picks characters that are multi-faceted, dirty, sad, strong, beautiful… hey, kinda like real life.  He doesn’t always care how he looks as one of his characters.  It ain’t no beauty contest.  But you are attracted to them.  You see this soul, even in the darkest of characters, that draws you near.  You’re sympathetic, even if he is a crazy shovel murdering writer in SECRET WINDOW.
Who else can do that?  What other actors can truly disappear into a role and leave you on the edge of your seat for an hour and a half without thinking of their name once?  I actually can’t think of one.  There are some that come close, but they tend to let themselves by type-cast, so they’re a tad too predictable to not think of who it is playing the character.  That’s something he has avoided.
So, if Johnny Depp were to ever grace a movie based on my writing I would trust him to take the words on the page, add a whole lot of his incredible gift and turn them into these wonderfully dimensional and moving people (or sort of people since I write primarily paranormal characters.)  My characters tend to be flawed, my vampires struggle with the weight of their eternity, my Sprites are a little too controlling about circumstances, my werewolves are fairly ADHD, and don’t get me started on the humans…  But he could capture all those sides in a way that was moving and appealing.  He could be the vampire who cries for the love he lost, and then slashes the throat of her attacker in the next scene.  He could be the wolf that can never get his act together but always has the best of intentions.  Or the Sprite with the desperate controlling hold of the feisty girl he is bound to, and the weakness for her that prevents him from walking away.  He could bring any one of them to life. 
But ahh, how this writer does dream. 
Let’s confess though.  We all do it.  We all imagine the actors and actresses who we would cast in our roles.  It’s not just about the books I write either.  Every time I read a book I see it play out in my head.  The whole movie is there and the characters live for those hours that I read.  That’s why I finally had to stop reading books before seeing a movie about them.  If I want to see the movie, I’ll wait to read the book after.  Then the book just adds on to the movie and the characters in the movie get to play in all the added scenes.  But if I’ve read the book first then the movie never lives up to the one that played in my head.  The characters are all wrong and too much is missing.  Unless, of course, one of those characters was played by Johnny Depp.  He brings them to life, even more than my imagination can.
Oh yeah, he’s that good!

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kmullican said...

Took me awhile to get around to reading your blog, but I'm glad I found it...and ohhhh, Johnny Depp! Been in love with him since 21 Jumpstreet!

What is wrong with me wanting to jump a drunken pirate? ;)