Saturday, December 18, 2010

A La Mode, or Commando?

So, the Holidays are upon us and as usual Christmas fills so many of us with the deep thoughts of love, sacrifice, redemption, giving, hope, and eternity.
But I’ve decided to save those deep ponderings for my novel writing and turn instead to another matter of utmost importance.
Pie or Cake?
You see, I’m a cake sort of person.  I love cake.  Chocolate cake, white cake, layered cake, mousse cake, cream cake, custard cake, cupcake, bunt cake, bust most importantly cake with good frosting.  You don’t want frosting that’s too rich or too sweet.  You want it fluffy and light or fudgy and thick, but just the right sweetness so that you can eat a large slice without making yourself ill.  The cake itself should be moist and light, there again so you can eat a nice size piece without post-cake nauseous regret.
I’ve known pie people in my day.  They feel very much the same as I do about my cake, only they prefer a flakey, buttery, golden crust and a sundry of baked, whipped, chilled or warm fillings.  They would choose a pie over a cake on any day, even a birthday (egads!).
Don’t get me wrong, I come from pie making genes.  I enjoy a good pie as much as the next person.  But if given the choice a cake would win out any day!
Then there’s the topic of ice cream… do you go a la mode or do you go commando?  I personally don’t need ice cream to enjoy my cake.  Cake is self sufficient as far as I’m concerned.  Now, pie is another story.  I’ll take it a la mode, but prefer baked pies a la whip.  A nice home-made vanilla whipped cream is just the thing (also good in coffee, or hot Thai tea as well.)  But cake… hey, cake is hot, cake is risqué, cake is confident, cake can go commando!
So, how about you?
Cake or Pie?
A la mode, or commando?

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