Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Writing Life…

I got a really great form rejection the other day.  It was just a query rejection, but it confirmed my suspicions regarding many of my query rejections.  The nice thing was that there was really nothing ‘form’ about this rejection.  It was simple, basic and polite, yet it told me why the agent was not interested very clearly.  It had to do with my genre and the market.
I’ve been thinking that my genre is currently holding me back.  I have yet to get feedback on the full MS requests that have been sent out, so until then I won’t know more; and who knows even after that how much information I’ll receive.  But for now it’s really nice to have that personal response from an agent clueing me in to the thoughts that my query inspired. 
I know the market is saturated at the moment with my genre and character types for the first novel I’m querying.  I also know that the market can change.  In addition, I’ve completed another book with a completely different character type and story line.  I hope to be ready to begin querying for that book next year.
I love my first book.  I love the series that I have begun writing and the characters in it and I want to write more about them.  I feel good about the strength of the story and have a feeling that someday those characters will find a spot on a bookshelf.  That’s why I don’t mind setting them aside if need be.  Maybe it’s another book that will connect me with an agent.  Maybe another set of characters will make it to a bookshelf first.  That’s all ok. 
For every book there is a season, for every story there is a time, for every tale you have to tell there’s another one right behind.
So I shall keep penning the stories in my mind and enjoying the time I spend with those characters, in hopes that they'll all get to sit upon a bookshelf, in their own good time.
But for now this writer is: waiting for feedback, waiting for readers, querying for an agent, researching always, editing as feedback comes, dreaming of new tales, tweeting, blogging, and writing, always as time permits… writing!


JEFritz said...

Yeah, the market can get saturated with certain genres. It makes it harder to get noticed, but when you have a great book, someone will take interest. Maybe when you get those responses, one will be an offer! I hope things go well for you.

Jennifer Hillier said...

You have such a great attitude! It's true that some genres are tougher sells than others, but a good book is a good book. Write what you love, and it will eventually find the right home.

Julie Geistfeld said...

Thank you for the comments and the well wishes! Always nice to hear from other writers who have been through this same process!