Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog, blog, blog…

My Blog’in Future

There exists on the internet almost as much advice about blogging as there does about querying an agent.  And yes, it’s all just about equal in its contradictory mind-boggling way.
So, I’m sure there are lots of ‘rules’ I’m breaking and formats I’m ignoring on a daily basis as I attempt to maintain this blog.  Here are some of the ‘rules’ and suggestions and various blog related advice that I’ve heard recently…
-      Don’t have white writing on a black background.
Maybe it’s just me, and it probably is, but I have an easier time reading white on black than I do black on white.  Other’s disagree.  I suppose if I heard an outcry from followers to change the color scheme because it was causing them premature blindness, then I would consider doing that.  I don’t want anyone to be in pain when attempting to read my blog.  However, I wonder how many people feel like I do and this color scheme is not an issue to them in any way.  I suppose I’ll hear if it’s truly a terrible rule that I’m breaking.
-      Blog on a regular scheduled basis.
I’ve heard conflicting things about this one.  Some want it so scheduled that day and time are exact.  Some want you to not go months in between posts and then drop a load of them.  Well, I post as frequently as I’m able to and as often as I have something on my mind that’s not too related to taking a child to and from school and putting the other one in bed and taking them out.  Heck, anything else is pretty exciting to me!  But I try my best not to let it go much more than a week between posts.  I don’t want y’all to forget me out there in blog-land.
-      Have a definite subject matter for your blog.
When I first started reading this one I thought “Oh shoot, I’ve really blown it now!”  But as it turns out there are a fairly limited number of subjects that I post about here. 1. My writing life, how I write, experiences in writing, things I’ve learned while writing…  2. Stories from my crazy life (well, not wild and exciting type of crazy, more coo-coo’s nest kind of crazy, but anyway...)  3. Miscellaneous posts.  Ok, that’s probably cheating, because anything can fall under that.  Mainly I mean posts about other things I like or think and decide to share.
So, maybe I don’t have a ‘platform’ so-to-speak, but consider my blog more of an exercise in writing for the masses (though the masses may be small, and better characterized as a handful.)  What appeals, what doesn’t, what do we have in common, what things make us uniquely writers?  Most posts are centered around or relate back to writing in some way.  The ones that don’t, well, they were written, so I think it counts.

Blog, blog, blog…
What do you think?  Must a writer’s blog have a topic or is a place for shared experiences enough?

As far as having a blog topic goes, maybe at my one year anniversary of blogging I’ll select a topic that my blog is actually ‘about’ and try to stick with that.  Until then I’ll continue to do my best to post my thoughts, mainly about writing, as they occur to me, on a somewhat regular basis.
I hope that’s ok with the ‘masses’.  Yes, that’s you, my handful of loyal and devoted followers whom I am eternally grateful for, as well as the occasional dropper-by. 
Thank You for viewing my blog!

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Brooklyn Ann said...

I think a little deviation from a common thread is fine...or at least it better be or I'm screwed too!