Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Delusional Writer to Another

Another Rejection
Yes, I hear all the time about authors who got more rejections than they could find pennies in a fountain while they were querying.  I figure that I’m creating a nice story to be able to tell years after I’m published which will inspire the next generation of writers.  Everything has a purpose and in the little world I live in, nothing is simple.  These are just the given facts.
But I’ve got to say that this last rejection was actually quite encouraging.  All the rejections I’ve received have had the same general vein and left me feeling more hopeful than anything else.  Maybe I’m just a delusional writer, we tend to be that way I hear, but I feel like this novel will have a time and a place.  It’s just that the time and place may not be here and now.
The gist of my rejections…
A great story, great premise, no mention of poor writing… but the genre is not what agents or publishers are looking for at the moment.  I think there are just too many out there, not just in current print, but scheduled for release within the next year.  My genre is bloated!  So I may have to take this book and stick it on the shelf for a while.  Wait for my genre to get on a good exercise plan and loose some of its current after holiday weight gain and water retention.  But I think its day will come.  Today’s tough sell just might be tomorrows top want.  Yes, again, maybe I’m a delusional writer.  I would tend to think so if I wasn’t hearing the same tone in each rejection.  But I am.
I feel sad, yes.  I love this book.  I love this series.  I REALLY want to write more of it.  But I’ll concentrate on the other projects on my plate for a while.  I have more completed MS’s to polish up, or drafts to finish, or projects soon to query.  I have projects waiting to be written and ones out with readers.  I’ve expanded my horizons to a degree, yet stayed fairly true to the genre I love as well. 
Time, time, time, see what becomes of me. 
I’ve learned not to guess what time has in store for me, it’s like offering up a challenge that fate must best.  I’ll leave the predictions to the clairvoyant and stick with what I know. 
I’m a writer, I’ll just write.  It’s what I do.


kmullican said...

Shelved my MS for the same reason...it's my favorite genre, but agents are running away screaming like their hair is on fire regarding that genre...even though they say they represent it... I think it's like seeing a plate of spaghetti, when you've had spaghetti to eat every meal for the last year. Yuk~

Keep at it, hon. I think writing abilities are like muscles. . . the more you flex, the strong it becomes.

Best of luck,

Julie Geistfeld said...

Kim, Thanks for stopping by to comment.
I really think the genre is here to stay, just bloated now. Its time will come again no doubt.

Best wishes to you as well!

alexia said...

Rejection sucks! I got one recently, too. While shelving the book and moving on for now is an option, just remember that it only takes one agent to say yes.