Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Don’t You Just Grow Up?

I saw a post today over at The Student Writer’s Mind that got me to thinking.  I commented on that blog post as well, (A Mental Snack) but added the thoughts here since it was a fun and interesting topic to consider.  Went off on a tangent a little, but hopefully no one minds… tangents happen.

Why Don’t You Just Grow Up?

When you’re young you think of growing up as this destination you travel to.  One day, all of the sudden, there you’ll be, grown up.
It’s not like that at all.  You spend your whole life ‘growing up’.  Sometimes that means taking steps forward and sometimes it means taking steps back.  It almost always means taking on new responsibilities, at least if you’re doing it right, and it always involves change.
Ten years ago my 40+ uncle looked at me and said, “You know, sometimes when I look in the mirror I wonder what the heck happened, because I still feel like the exact same me I did at 17.”  I don’t doubt he would say the same thing today.  Given the extra ten years to reflect on his statement, I can vouch for its truth.  I feel like the same me I was at 15.  In some ways I even wonder why I don’t have it as ‘together’ in certain areas now as I did then.  Then there are other ways in which I know that I’ve grown and matured and changed through those years.  I’ve gotten serious and I’ve loosened up.  I fluctuate.
The point is, no matter how we look or are perceived, we, inside remain the same person we always were.  We start out growing.  We change and grow throughout our lives.  When it’s time to leave we’ll have learned a lot, we won’t know everything and we’ll still be growing and changing.
When am I a kid again?
Every time that little voice in my head tells me that I’ll never know unless I try. 
And then I listen to it.


Vatche said...

Hey, Julie! Thanks for mentioning my blog and of course for the comment. All is appreciated! :D

As for growing up, I think we never really grow up. The kid inside us, the kid that we used to be, is still there but is just hiding.

He/she sometimes shows up when you play pranks on one of your friend's, when you smile for a surprise, when you have pillow fights with your sibling, or when you cuddle with someone you love. We never really grow up. We get wrinkles, get gray hair, and have tons of experiences, but even though we change gradually, that old self, that little kid is still there.

Thanks for everything and write on!

Jennifer Hillier said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Most days I feel 20... and then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realize that I'm so NOT anywhere near 20 anymore. It can be difficult to reconcile the inside me and the outside me. I honestly think the last time I felt like my outsides matched my insides was probably when I was 17.

Julie Geistfeld said...

Thanks for the great comments! And thanks for the topic over at your blog Vatche, it was a good one!

Caroline said...

I wish I felt 15! Most times I feel 60, and not 28. The last three years have taken a lot out of me, but the one thing that I have learned (and grieved over) is that the situation is never as bad as you think it is. I think back to 15, for example. At the time, I thought my life sucked, and I just wanted to grow up and get out on my own. But now, I wish I could go back to living at my parents and have my only responsibilites be doing my school work and going to band practice.

It's funny how time and(responsibility) changes our perception!