Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yes, it’s true.  I have my own little poltergeistfeld.
When my sweet little girl was born she had a strange fascination with the way her voice could make a deep, raspy, possessed sort of tone.  Over the many months she has had to develop this tone it’s taken on a carefully controlled, eerie tone.  She loves to switch rapidly between her raspy tone and her little sing-song girl voice, creating a great contrast.
Now, I wouldn’t say I’ve coached her on this voice, but I haven’t exactly encouraged her to stop using it either.  She seems to enjoy playing with the sound this way, and yes, sometimes I play along.
I must admit that I’ve tried to teach her how to use that voice in one way.  I’m trying to get her to say ‘red-rum’ in it.  I figured this might really freak out a few people, especially the ones in the church nursery.  But alas, no luck yet.  She’ll probably save it for her preschool entrance meeting or something totally untimely like that.
From the very early days, this voice has been a source of amusement around the house and I was, from the very first note of it, impressed with how poltergeist it sounded and how well that worked with our name.  The Shining connection was natural as well.  There have, however, been a few moments when it almost freaked me out a little too.  The time in her eating chair when she began making the sound and I turned to see her shaking her head back and forth, yes, it did almost appear to be spinning.  I expected the green jell-o to spew forth at any moment and chair levitation to follow.  It makes it all the better that she happens to be an adorable little blondie, with curls, big blue eyes and a ready, wide smile.
Yes, my beautiful little girl has a mind of her own, a seriously good sense of humor and a poltergeist performance that would leave you speechless.  She’s just over one.  Oh, what the future holds.  Of course, that kind of just fits with my life.  A little unexpected, a little unruly, and a whole lot of fun.  Just what we needed to give my 5yo a good run for his money.  Together, they somehow work perfectly.
I can only imagine what the next 20 years will hold for us.  Crazy.  Mayhem.  Fun.  Arguing.  Most of all, a whole lot of love.
Here’s to my kids, who keep me on my toes and give me a whole lot to smile about (and write about too.)


Sully's Scribbles said...

Nwahh kids are always good for inspiration! Sounds like you have creative kids!

Beth said...

She sounds like a lot of fun.
I dropped by to say hi but am sticking around to follow ;).

Julie Geistfeld said...

Thanks for the comments! Yes, it is pretty fun around here sometimes. Kids help with that.

Thanks for the blog follow as well!