Friday, March 4, 2011

The Winnie The Pooh Effect

I was born to be Kanga.  I always knew this.  It was my personality.
I was baking meals for my family at 12, taking care of my baby niece after school at 20, making cookies for the people at work at 23.  I had an even temper, a quiet disposition, and a happy nature.  I was even called ‘stoic’ at the emergency clinic where I worked and ‘unflappable’ by my friends.  I had a singular goal in life, to someday be a wife and mother.
I would bake cookies and do art projects with my little Roo all the day and we would wait for Owl to come home, running to him with smiles and laughter.
Really, stop laughing, this is what I thought was possible.  I was Kanga after all.
Years later I was married and had my first child.  I quit my day job to take on my real job, as Kanga.
A year passed before I awakened one day to a starling realization.  Over the course of that one year, I had become Rabbit!  I gasped in horror.  No, I was Kanga, always Kanga, when did this happen?  After calming myself down some I decided that maybe I was jumping to conclusions.  Maybe I only felt like Rabbit, but to everyone else I still looked like Kanga.  After all, I did spend a lot of time baking cookies, ok, they were the pre-shaped ones, but still… Plus all the hours of arts and crafts together filled our days.  Before I panicked I needed a second opinion.  I went to my husband.
“What Pooh character do you think I am?”
Ok, he clearly thinks this is one of those questions that men are not supposed to ever answer because there’s no right answer and they’ll only end up in trouble.
“No, really, I want to know.  I won’t get upset.”
“I don’t know, Piglet I guess.”
“You think I’m little and scared?”
“No, is that what Piglet is?”
Ok, so he was thinking little, pink, you can’t go wrong.
“Think about their personalities.  I think I know already, but I want to know if I’m right.”
He thinks a little longer this time and finally answers with all the certainty in the world…
“You’re Rabbit.”
“I knew it!  I’ve become Rabbit.  How did this happen?”
“It’s ok, he means well.”
It was official.  I was cranky and crabby and barking out rules.  I mumbled and muttered while no one paid attention.  I was always upset about someone bouncing through my garden and I was trying to make all the plans while everything fell apart behind me.  I was Rabbit.
Why did this change sneak up on me?  How can one’s Pooh character just change?
Over the years I think I finally came up with the answer.  I was always Kanga because she matched my personality.  I always expected my little Roo.  What I didn’t expect was Tigger.  Yes, I have Tigger children.  I wasn’t given peaceful, happy, bounce into my pouch, time to go to bed dear, Roo children.  I was given Tiggers.  Tiggers bounce you, Tiggers bounce everything.  Tiggers don’t often listen the first time you say something.  Tiggers think they know a better way, always.  Tiggers are wonderful and fun and generous and happy, but Tiggers are hard to control.  Maybe it takes a Rabbit to control a Tigger.
So, now I have two little Tiggers of my own.  I love them dearly, and as far as I can tell, they like Rabbit an awful lot too.  For all his grumbling and complaining he really does have a big heart.  I often wonder if I’ll ever get to be Kanga again.  Maybe later, when my Tiggers have their own little ones, maybe that’s when I’ll get to be Kanga again.  Grammy’s have that luxury you know.  For all the Rabbit that comes out on a daily basis, Kanga’s still in there, waiting for her turn.

Your turn: What Pooh character are you?


alexia said...

I love Winnie the Pooh! I would say that on the exterior, most people probably think I'm Pooh. I'm pretty laid back. But at heart, I'm a Tigger. Silly and adventurous and rebellious.

Julie Geistfeld said...

Ahh, Alexia, a Tigger in Pooh clothing! It's always good to surprise people with a little Tigger every once in a while. Keeps them on their toes.

Thanks for stopping by to comment!