Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dreamers and Doers

I was told when I was young that there are dreamers and doers. Dreamers dream, doers do. If you're dreaming you're wasting time and not doing. Doers of course were the ones spreading this skewed vision. I never did like them all that much.
I was always a dreamer. I knew I was a dreamer. My head is where I spent most of my time and there were very few who understood my ability to sit solitarily and find contentment with my world. 
However, after all these years of disagreeing with the doers I must speak up at last. Doers may do, but without dreams their accomplishments are futile redundancy. For it's the dreamers which go beyond what is seen, what has already been done, and create the new reality. True dreamers, aren't content with the dreaming, but must see their dreams through to fruition. It's the dreamers who believe in the vision with the tenacious audacity to see it through to reality. Tell them it cannot be done, all you doers, they will not believe you.
Without dreamers books would not be written, plays would never be performed, art would cease to exist. Buildings would be cubes, planes would not fly, cars would be excessive and boats unnecessary. Without dreamers innovation would cease. Doers may continue to do what has always been done, but who would there be to believe in something that has never been done?

This dreamer has found an outlet for  my wildest dreams. The worlds that I dream up in my mind are now penned on paper and living outside my dreams. That's not enough though. No, I'm dreaming even bigger. My worlds will exist in books that others can pick up and read. My worlds may even inspire some of those doers out there to do a little bit of dreaming themselves. It takes a whole lot of dreaming to be a writer. It takes a whole lot of doing to become an author. So you can't convince me that dreamers aren't doers. Quite the opposite, you see. Dreamers are the doers. 

Are you a dreamer? Are you a doer? Could you dream but never do? I don't think I could.

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Melissa Crytzer Fry said...

This is so spot-on, Julie. Dreaming and doing DO go hand-in-hand. And you're right ... without dreamers, what a boring, uncreative world it would be. No books, no plays, no art. Great post.