Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Holding On

I know, I know... life has been pushing me in ten directions at once lately.  I bet most of you feel that way as well. 
I haven't made a lot of writing or editing progress and let a little time lapse since my last blog post.

In honor of the chaos, I've penned a little drama for you.  So here goes...

Holding On

The air whipped around the back of my head, spinning my hair into my face.  It stung my eyes with its tiny pricks and the tears streaked back toward my ears.  I could no longer hear the cries of the two little people hiding their faces against my chest as they clung to my side and neck.  With one arm I held onto the two most precious things on this wind whipped earth, clinging to them with every muscle fiber I could control.  The fingers of my other hand dug desperately into the dirt and rock beneath me.  I didn't know how long ago my nails had been worn down to the flesh, or when the blood began to ooze into the crumbling earth.  All I knew was that holding on meant everything.  With two precious little people clinging to me I pressed my fingers harder into the earth, jamming them between the cracks in the stone.  I was determined to force this world in all its effort to throw me off, to hold me in place and hold them with me instead.
I didn't know when the world would give up its assault on me, or just forget about me and leave me alone, but I would hold on until then.  I wouldn't give in to its nonstop spinning or hurricane force winds swirling around me.  Keep spinning world.  Keep trying to throw me, hurtling into space.  You won't succeed.  That's right, spin world, spin, but I'll still be here when the spinning stops, holding on to you because they're holding onto me.  Your wind can't touch me because I’m a shell, a cave, a hideaway from anything you can brew up. 
I’m a mother, and this storm of life can't toss me in the wind.  I'm hanging on, for life, for them.
Spin, world, spin.  I'm still holding on.

Hang in there everyone, this is gonna be a bumpy ride. :)

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