Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exercising The Writer Way

I’ve learned through the course of my sometimes busy, always unexpected, and insanely scheduled life that writing is a lot like exercise.
I never have enough time to do it.
There will always be10 things that feel like a higher priority.
Sometimes the motivation isn’t there.
I always feel better when I make time to devote to it.

When, for one reason or another, or twenty others, I haven’t written in a while, it feels so hard to find the day and time available to fire up the old laptop and get to it.  Where do I begin?  How do I begin?  Where did I even leave off last?
Once I actually sit down in the peace of some stolen solitude and begin the process of reading/writing/editing/plotting, I am invigorated.  Every time I begin again I am reminded why I began in the first place.  I love writing.  I love all the places my writing takes me.  I love the feeling of being transported to new and unexpected places and even more, the knowledge they were somehow a part of me all along.  It’s like reading a book, only more personal, because I feel every moment of it, even the ones no one will ever read.  I never regret a single moment spent writing.
I tell you all this as a yet unpublished writer.  No one is paying me to do what I do.  No one would have to.  (Although I sure wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.)  I love writing.  It’s not my day job, although I don’t get a paycheck for that one either.  It’s more of a night job actually, but calling it a job isn’t exactly accurate.  It’s become a whole lot more like exercise.  It’s not exactly like air, because I could live without it, just not quite as well or full.  Doing it just helps me be a better me.  I feel better, I think better, I’m more content, I’m less frustrated and I live a little fuller. 
So why do I forget that when I get pulled away from it for a week?  Suddenly it’s so hard to get back into, when it is exactly what I need to pull me through.
Some people run triathlons, some people climb the world’s highest peaks, or sky dive or surf. 
I write novels.

(Oh, I exercise too and it always feels good as well, just not as good as writing does.)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breaking Up Really Is Hard To Do

Dear Times…
I didn’t want to have to come right out and tell you these things, but you’ve left me no choice.  I thought you’d get the hint when I never picked up your phone calls, week after week, month after month, but obviously subtlety is not going to work with you.
I called to cancel my service because I actually did not want to receive the paper any more.  I wasn’t teasing you or trying to get a better rate out of it.  I honestly did want to break it off with you.  No mistake, no momentary weakness, no ‘game’ I was playing.
When you began calling less than a week after our break up I thought it was quite sad desperate of you, but I figured I’d just not answer and you’d get the hint soon enough.  Now that months have gone by and you’re still calling me on a regular, near daily, basis, I see you’ve gone from pathetic to stalking.  Yes, if you were my ex, this would be stalking.
So here it is, just so there is no confusion about my true feelings and intentions.
I do not like your stories.  Your coverage on every piece is one sided and uninformative.  You are self absorbed in a world that is full of important news.  You go out of your way to insight problems instead of working toward resolutions.  You play on the vulnerability of readers, and to be quite honest, you’re coupons aren’t that great either.
There, I said it.
I didn’t want to have to do that to you, but what choice did you leave me with?
No, calling at a different time of the day will not elicit a different response.  You should know that, you’ve tried every imaginable time aside from midnight, on many occasions.
Give up already!
I’m not coming back to you.
Stop calling me.  It’s really not helping your case.  It’s bugging the heck out of me and making me even more certain than ever just how glad I am to be rid of you.
We’re through.
You just have to accept that.
Goodbye paper.
I mean it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Writing Method

Writers like to talk about, compare, test out writing methods. I think that when it comes down to it writing methods are as unique as every novel written. Can there really be a right and wrong? If it gets you to that place where the stories live then it must be right.

So, how would I sum up my writing method? I like to be alone in complete stillness. Then I say to all those voices in my head, "Please carry on, ignore me and this laptop, I'm just here to observe". Then I write down everything they show me, tell each other, see and feel.

I'll admit, there are a couple flaws in this method. First, I can never type as quick as they talk, so I have to ask them to repeat a lot of things for me. Second, their stories never seem to end. Even when the novel wraps up, they go on and I want to know the rest of their story. Like good friends, it's hard to let them go.

How about you? How would you sum up your writing method?

Well, whatever it is, enjoy every moment!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Writing and Editing and Blogging… Oh My!

My blogging has taken a back seat lately.  To all those who stop by to peruse my writer-ly commentary I do apologize for this.  I would love to tell you it was because of some wonderful writing or editing break through that has captivated my attention and launched me into a new chapter in my writer’s journey.  I can’t.
All I can say is, life.  Yes, life can be filled with distractions pulling me away from my writing and editing and yes, agggg, my social media as well.  I’m still here and plugging away.  Tonight I have some time.  Really!  Time!  I can write or edit with this time.  If I don’t write or edit at some point then it’s fairly hard to continue posting a blog dedicated to my writing ventures.

Tonight I shall keep my blog post short and direct a question to you.
Whether you read or write or edit or blog…
What priorities get in the way of your ‘work’? 
What priorities are you willing to let fall behind for those precious stolen moments to ‘work’?

As always, thank you for stopping by!