Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exercising The Writer Way

I’ve learned through the course of my sometimes busy, always unexpected, and insanely scheduled life that writing is a lot like exercise.
I never have enough time to do it.
There will always be10 things that feel like a higher priority.
Sometimes the motivation isn’t there.
I always feel better when I make time to devote to it.

When, for one reason or another, or twenty others, I haven’t written in a while, it feels so hard to find the day and time available to fire up the old laptop and get to it.  Where do I begin?  How do I begin?  Where did I even leave off last?
Once I actually sit down in the peace of some stolen solitude and begin the process of reading/writing/editing/plotting, I am invigorated.  Every time I begin again I am reminded why I began in the first place.  I love writing.  I love all the places my writing takes me.  I love the feeling of being transported to new and unexpected places and even more, the knowledge they were somehow a part of me all along.  It’s like reading a book, only more personal, because I feel every moment of it, even the ones no one will ever read.  I never regret a single moment spent writing.
I tell you all this as a yet unpublished writer.  No one is paying me to do what I do.  No one would have to.  (Although I sure wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.)  I love writing.  It’s not my day job, although I don’t get a paycheck for that one either.  It’s more of a night job actually, but calling it a job isn’t exactly accurate.  It’s become a whole lot more like exercise.  It’s not exactly like air, because I could live without it, just not quite as well or full.  Doing it just helps me be a better me.  I feel better, I think better, I’m more content, I’m less frustrated and I live a little fuller. 
So why do I forget that when I get pulled away from it for a week?  Suddenly it’s so hard to get back into, when it is exactly what I need to pull me through.
Some people run triathlons, some people climb the world’s highest peaks, or sky dive or surf. 
I write novels.

(Oh, I exercise too and it always feels good as well, just not as good as writing does.)


alexia said...

If I don't write for a while, I start to feel really out of balance, like something is missing in my life... which it is! Then when I write I feel so much more centered.

Jennifer Hillier said...

When I don't write for awhile, my brain starts to feel "clogged". Just like my pores do if I don't cleanse my face the right way.

Okay, weird analogy, but you know what I mean ;)

Beth said...

I share your sentiments exactly! It's so funny how it's so easy to get out of the habit, but easy to fall back into it again.