Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Writing Blogging Benefits

...say that five times fast.

I recently realized one of the benefits I get out of blogging as a writer. It has nothing to do with networking or getting my name out there in any way, but everything to do with writing itself.

After an extended lapse from my laptop (by this I can mean a week or even two) cracking open the old computer and getting back into the flow of writing seems to take time. At moments like these the necessity of keeping up with writing blog posts may seem like an effort. At first glance it serves only to take time away from my novel writing. Once I sit down to write that necessary post however, I find a direct benefit can come from all that typing. Blogging can be a lot like tapping a vein. The 'forced' writing makes me think about my writing, makes me find the emotions behind my writing, and gets the old typing fingers warmed up.

Through this one act I not only connect to the writing community, I reconnect to my own writing desires, stretch my typing muscles, then suddenly, strangely, I'm ready to start up again right where I left off.

In short, I blog because it makes me a better writer.

Are you a writer who blogs? Why? What does blogging do for you as a writer?
Are you a writer that reads writer's blogs? Why? What is it that you take away from the musings of other blogging writers?

Happy reading, writing, and blogging everyone!


Anonymous said...

Last night I went through my Google Reader and removed a lot of blogs I had subscribed to... mostly because I found them uninteresting. There's only so much about dirty diapers and snotty noses that I wish to bruise my eyes with.

I blog to platform build - to stay connected to other writers. I blog to keep myself writing during a crazy work schedule. Sometimes, I find it hard to come up with topics.

But your last blog post hit home for me as well. When I wrote just to write, it was easy. Now I worry about things like plot, character development, cadence and flow...

I enjoy your blog and am glad you keep it up!

Julie Geistfeld said...

Wow, thank you! The whole writing experience is unique and unexpected. It helps to connect with other writers who understand the journey we're on. I'm glad you enjoy the blog!