Friday, October 7, 2011

There are Excuses and Then There’s Life

I am a writer.

I am also a wife, mother, volunteer, daughter, chef, maid, chauffer, landscaper, nurse…

I’m sure there are a lot of writers who find that time is the least plentiful writing tool which they have. It’s also the most difficult one to procure more of.

Time is the main reason I’ve almost given up on writing several times recently. But as most of you know, declaring ‘I’m quitting’ and actually stopping the stories from flowing through your brain are two different things.

I can’t quit, even if I stop, I still can’t quit.

I don’t want to quit either. I love writing stories and in my completely overwhelming real life, it is the one outlet I crave endlessly.

I just feel better when I’m writing, therefore I come back from writing being a better, stress relieved me.

The problem is, I have one child in grade school (including homework, soccer games, practices, productions, field trips, reading…) and one at home (nearing that no-nap point which happens two years before school is a possibility.) My kids are my priority. They are my job. My job is leaving me less and less free time of any sort.

This will change in the next few years and I’ll potentially have some school hours free to do my ‘other job’ of writing. But those hours aren’t available at this time.

So now I’m left with after-bedtime hours… oh wait, I have a husband. I was actually making stellar progress on my latest WIP when I realized that my husband was getting about zero percent of my time. This is a less than ideal situation. Perhaps if I had actually been published I could justify this at least a certain percent of the time, but as is, it was just not working well.

What I’m left with is about two hours a day to divide amongst house, shopping, blogging, writing, reading, volunteering, and any other projects I take on.

This is the point at which I almost declare I’m quitting. But I can’t, you know.

I stop and say to myself, this time will pass, the schedules will change, and if I’ve learned anything from life, it will happen far more quickly than I can believe. So… relax!

Maybe two hours isn’t a lot, but it’s something. Maybe between everything else, I can only write once a week, but it’s something. These stories in my head aren’t going anywhere, unless I get senile, which is a possibility but I don’t think I’ll remember to be upset about it at that point.

Relax! I have to be content to write what I can, when I can. Savor the moments I have and remind myself these are not excuses, they are life. I have to live every part of my life, otherwise what will I have to inspire me to write anyway?

There will be times I can afford to power through a book in a month, but if it’s not this month or this year, that’s ok. I’m dedicated to this writing stuff and I’ll find the time to get these stories out of my head. I need to trust myself and not make it all or nothing.

I will write. Maybe it will be a little at a time, but I will write.

On a side note… If I’m reading your book and you wonder, two months later, why I haven’t mentioned it, it’s probably because that two hours a day thing has left me with little reading time. I did however just go from three books on my ‘reading right now’ pile, to only two! Which ones are they? Deadworld by J.N.Duncan and Creep by Jennifer Hillier. Don’t worry… I’m reading, and so far I’m really impressed by both these books! In fact, if you follow the links at the bottom of this blog you can get them for yourselves! I’ll review each as soon as finish.

Thanks to all the writers and readers I know who keep the support network strong come rain or come shine!

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