Friday, October 14, 2011

Twisting and Turning Suspense – A Review of Jennifer Hillier’s CREEP

When I was about half way through CREEP I felt like I’d been watching CSI and taking an advanced psychology course all at the same time. Some serious research had to go into writing this novel and I was impressed with the detail and how it slowly unraveled for the reader.

I, being an avid long time fan of Law and Order, could feel a twist coming in the air. It was just the feel of the writing that made me know something would happen, there was something under the surface of these characters. Try as I might though, I would not be able to predict what that would be until the characters themselves began guessing at it.

The twists and turns which came at the end all played in perfectly. They were unexpected, yet made complete sense. I for one was glad at who was left standing and who wasn’t, plus the extra one standing left that little bit of room for a follow up book… when can we expect that Jennifer, because we know it’s not over?

The style of writing was easy to read while at the same time delivering a lot of information. It was explicit where it needed to be, but never for mere effect, I liked that. What begins as simple, average people, making usual mistakes and misjudgments, quickly turns into something that is multilayered and complex.

Oh, by the way, creep is a total understatement! In fact, the mere thought of the existence of such characters makes one’s skin crawl. An ‘innocent’ affair is never really innocent, but after reading CREEP you just may think of affairs as the riskiest business one can possibly consider.

Thank you Jennifer for a great read! I look forward to more and know you’re busy at work weaving more tales for us.

Interested in CREEP? There’s a link at the bottom of the page, I suggest you get your copy today!

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Jennifer Hillier said...

Thanks so much for the review, Julie! I'm glad you liked it!