Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ghostly Giveaway Winners

Yes, All Hallows Eve has passed and The Feast of All Saints is upon us.

That must mean it’s time to give stuff away!

I loved the ghostly recommendations that all the commenters left on my blog. More Than You Know is now in my Amazon cart as we speak!

Now I get to announce the winners of my Ghostly Giveaway 2011…

Melissa Crytzer Fry… Bone Chillers

Blackest Night Reads… Turn of the Screw

GMR… Nightmare Before Christmas (the book)

But wait… I still have one item that needs a good home!

Tim Burton playing cards are still up for grabs!

They will go to the first commenter on this post to say… Send me the cards!

Give me a way to reach you and you win, that simple.

Thank you everyone!

Look out next year because I plan on making the Ghostly Giveaway my annual Halloween tradition.


Melissa Crytzer Fry said...

Is it fair for me to say "Send me those cards" even though I'm getting the AWESOME bone chillers? I'm so excited you're getting More than You Know. I hope you love it! And thanks for the goods!

Julie Geistfeld said...

Of course it's fair!
The cards are yours.
I'm excited to read it, thanks for the recommendation.