Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Greatest Compliment

As a writer, especially one that is yet unpublished, there are many accolades we can seek, dream about, hope for, aspire to. Then we have these moments which bring us back to our senses and make us love what we do again.

I gave my niece a copy of one of my books several months ago. She read it in one weekend, cover to cover (well, minus the covers, but you know…) Her mom told me that had never happened before. She’s not an avid reader and most writers can’t keep her attention through a whole book, in fact it isn’t often she makes it clear through to the end. Wow, that is what I call a great compliment. That means there is something different about my book, about my writing, which she hasn’t seen yet. That reminds me why I write these stories in my head.

I was just in contact with her mom who was asking me about what I was writing. I have another more recently completed work, but it’s an adult book, not so much for a junior high age. My niece is disappointed. She’s still thinking about my book. She wants more. She wants to read something, anything, by me!

Wake up call!

When I’m dead and gone I don’t so much care that my name lives on forever. I’ll have other things I’m occupied with and that will be of little concern to me I’m sure. Yet, I want to be published. Why? It’s a question writers get asked a lot and we usually have a different answer for it each time we’re asked.

So, why do I want to become published? Why do I keep trying when writing itself is so much simpler than the business of publication?

I love books. Books were important in my teenage years, they helped me to become me, and a better read and deeper thinking me. The thought that a story I love, a story I sat down and poured out of my tired, raw, imagination might do the same thing for another kid like me, I like that. If it happens once, it was worth it. If it happens more, all the better. If no one remembers my name ten years after they read my book, that’s ok. If they never forget how it made them think or feel, that is everything!

I write my stories so I can give back to all those authors who came before me. Yes, there are hundreds upon thousands of books already out there to read. But maybe my book will resonate with that one mind the others can’t reach, maybe it already has.

That is why I write.

That is the greatest compliment any writer can receive.

My niece wants to read more. My niece wants to read more that I write. So, I will write more and more and more.

I write for the ones who want to read, because somebody wrote for me, and I’m so glad they did.

Thank you J, you’ve made my career!

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