Monday, November 21, 2011

The Lure of the Paranormal

Paranormal is here to stay, because we are drawn to it. I began as a vampire fan oh so long ago, then there was Frankenstein’s Monster, moving on I became fond of wolves and even sprites on an occasion. Recently I discovered an untapped interest in things that are ghostly, but even as I’m busy writing a story about those ghosts my mind has been engaged in an idea that came to mind some time before, of a hairier nature. So as I’m writing what could become my favorite work to date, about ghosts, I’m dreaming about wolves once more.

That got me thinking about this strange lure to the paranormal. What exactly draws us into these tales?

Well first off it’s the paranormal part, they are a little like us, only not. They are relatable because of the ‘possibility’ and yet something inside us says ‘no, not really.’ We accept them because of the last part, we embrace them because of the first. Each one represents its own separate draw too.

Vampires are seductive.

Ghosts are sultry.

Wolves are just plain hot.

Sprites are mischievous and youthful.

Zombies are our fears.

Angels are our hopes but can turn on a dime.

It makes perfect sense then. Although I am thoroughly engrossed and captivated by my ghosts, those dang wolves are just so hot, how can I not dream about them?

I think the paranormal can tackle our worst fears while staying enough out of touch with our lives that we can walk away unscathed by the new ideas which are sparked. I think it can also captivate the highest ideals of our dreams, taking us to a place where the truth can raise us higher than what we sometimes believe.

They are us, only the lows are deeper and the highs are soaring. They are us, scarred and yet unscathed. They allow life and death and possibility to be viewed from a whole new angle, without infringing on our reality. People tend to be more comfortable with that.

Maybe that’s why I like paranormal too. I have my beliefs and they are well defined. People think I shouldn’t be able to write about characters that think differently than I do. But why not? I think it’s wonderful to see life from another perspective. I think that opening up your mind to another idea doesn’t have to mean discarding your own ideas. I think faith is nothing if never tested and what better way to test it than posing questions which you yourself have no answer to? Paranormal characters steal my heart because of their struggles, their hopes, their fears and their great promise. Sounds a lot like people to me, only slightly different. How can I condemn my fellow man when I can fall in love with a vampire? It all comes down to how well I know their story, doesn’t it?

Tell me, what kind of paranormal characters capture your mind, and why?

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Anonymous said...

While reading this post I felt like Arnold Horshack, hand raised and yelling, "Mr. Kotter! Mr. Kotter!"

I LOVE the paranormal and I think your list of characters' appeal is spot on.

For me, zombies - eh, unless they are doing the shuffle don't have much appeal for me but the rest are like a writing orgasm... which is why I almost always end up having to chop word count. I get into them way too much.

Excellent post!