Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where do you find your peace?


What does peace mean to you?
Is it quiet, calm, rest?
Is it the place where turmoil and tribulation cease?
Is it something you hope for but never feel like you quite achieve except in infinitesimal moments in time?

I think most of us long for peace. Even those who thrive on being busy must still hope for tranquility in their lives in one form or another.

But what is it we're really looking for when we wait for peace to come?

Where I live we have floating bridges that span a large lake. Invariably when I cross those bridges I'm reminded of peace and what it really means, not what I hope for or expect, but how it actually works.

You see, on one side of the bridge the water will be choppy, rough, storm like as it batters the bridge. On the other side the water is smooth, calm, pristine. There I am in the middle of these two contrasting scenes, on the 'buffer' between turmoil and peace. That's when I'm reminded that peace isn't the removal of turmoil and tension from the day to day world we're in, it's the buffer that protects us from the chaos which would otherwise beat upon us. The turmoil is there, I can see it, I can feel it just beyond my reach, but it can no longer control me. That is peace.

Peace isn't that place where the storm doesn't exist, it's the shelter to keep us safe in the middle of it.

Maybe there are lots of ways you find peace in your life. Maybe when you write it creates a bubble like peace about you. Maybe your home or family or faith bring the calm of peace to your heart. Maybe solitude brings you peace, or you find yours in the company of others. Working at something you love, or something that comes natural to you can be a source of peace. Complicated things can make you feel calm inside, and so can things which turn off your brain for a while.


Where do you find your peace?

And what do you do with it?


A. R. Braun said...

I find peace in writing rough drafts of my stories, in a great book, in the changing leaves--Illinois actually has weather--and in goofy movies like Hocus Pocus, a classic because it's supposed to be stupid, but it's not. I find peace in music, both the tunes I make and other bands I listen to as I'm working out, and I share this peace with my friends by hanging out with them, which brings me even more peace.

Julie Geistfeld said...

Music is a great one, as is the leaves changing. I think music tends to energize me while nature is relaxing.
Thanks for your comment and a great take on finding peace.