Saturday, December 10, 2011

Calling All YA Beta Readers

If you follow my blog you probably know that I have two completed manuscripts, one with a first edit under its belt, the other awaiting a first edit. I have some great beta readers, and I'm on their reading schedules, but will need to wait my turn (shucks.)

Being a writer, I'm a little less than patient when it comes to knowing the outcome, so I'm turning to you. HELP!

Can you help me connect with YA beta readers? Do you have experience with some that have impressed you and they're looking for the next read? Are you yourself a beta?

I mainly write Paranormal YA Romance. Book 1 is a ghost story and book 2 is about a Scottish wolf clan. I can give further details if someone wants to connect with me. I'm looking for any review level, overall plot and story line, all the way to line by line review.

You can connect with me by leaving a blog comment or on twitter @geistwrite

Please, help out a writer in need this holiday season... read a book (or recommend someone who can ;)

Thank you!

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Unforgettable said...

Hi! I'm a Beta-reader from the group on Goodreads. I'd love to help. My email address is emiyoha(at)yahoo(dot)com