Sunday, December 18, 2011

Writing Epiphanies

Dang epiphanies, you make so much work for me.

Yet I can’t ignore you.

I have two recently completed novels that are in the edit stage and I was hard at work when, bam, an epiphany hit. It probably wouldn’t have been too bad, except that the epiphany had nothing to do with those two manuscripts. It had to do with another completed work that was sitting on a back burner while I focused on my two more recent ones.

Now I’ve done it.

So I’m currently working through edits, getting reader feedback and trying not to think about that book I started and am 25k words into. I’m not succeeding on the last one, I must say.

My writing brain is in overload, and for some sick and strange reason, I’m loving it!

On top of all the work I seem to be making for myself, it’s the holidays. Which means kids out of school, which means less writing time. That’s kind of bumming me out, and yet I feel no less compelled in my writing frenzy.

Have you ever had a writing high? The words flowing like mad and editing calling to you like a siren song? Was it a total rush or did it compound into a terrible strain?

I gotta say, I’m feeling the rush and it feels good.

Happy reading, writing and editing everyone!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good write!

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