Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stepping Stones

They don't possess greatness. They lie small and unnoticed, buried by dirt and bark. Yet they still support us, remaining strong and true and allowing all who pass to do so with ease. Even as they go undetected.

We aspire to greatness. We strive to achieve, and as we sacrifice, that sacrifice comes with aspirations which are far bigger than ourselves.

It's good we have such characters. We want to be used in great ways to accomplish great tasks. When greatness calls, we're eager to answer. To risk. To achieve.

We long to be the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, pyramid. Enduring, mighty, symbols of progress and change. We hope to inspire, alter, influence.

But what if that greatness never calls? Will we find contentment in the life of a stepping stone? Will we serve and support and guide, even if we go unseen, unheard? Will we do it gladly? When we realize we're not the pyramid, only the path leading to its construction site, will we accept this role or struggle against it?

I am the stepping stone.

Did I want to be the stepping stone?
No fifteen year old would say yes.
They're not made to say yes.
But I'm not fifteen.
Slowly I'm understanding.

I'll be the stepping stone.

One day the stepping stones will be gathered up. They'll be brushed off, scrubbed and polished. They'll be used to build the most enduring of palaces. They'll be part of something vast and great, though individually they'll posses no more greatness than they did lying in the ground covered by dirt. But they won't mind. You see, that's what they were made for. That's what life tried to teach them to be. A small part of a large whole.

I'm a stepping stone.

And every day I'll try to be the best stepping stone I can be. Some days it's easier than others. Some days I make the path stronger. Other days I don't. But you know, the days I work hardest at being a content small part of the whole, I'm happier. Those days are easy. I forget me and see something beyond, something greater. Those days leave me more complete than the days I struggle to achieve my completeness. Go figure.

I'm a stepping stone.

Don't tread on me softly, you don't have to.

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