Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm in LOVE

I know, another post so soon...
Truth is, oh my goodness, I'm in love!

Jump off the page and I'll run away with you...
(we just have to bring my husband and kids along.)

So, what were my characters up to today?
Here's another snippet for your perusal:

“Oh please, Mr. Johnston, let’s not bring souls into this discussion. Antiquated religious theories have little to do with what’s happening here. You’re referring to cloning as if it’s creating a soul-less beast. We’re not talking Frankenstein’s monster anymore. Your thinking is backwards and it’s inhibiting an otherwise progressive discussion.” Mr. Ortiz spoke up as his wife turned away from Gavin and sniffled slightly.

“I agree with you Mr. Ortiz. Religious theories have little to do with what’s going on here. So do ethics and morality. But think about this, if Frankenstein’s monster were beautiful, intelligent, impervious to disease, would any of you brandish pitchforks and torches and run him out of town? Or would you hand him the keys to the city and bow down at his feet?” Gavin shoved his chair back and stood. “Be careful what you wish for. When you make the monster more powerful than the creator, you’ll be devoured in the end.” He turned to leave, nearly knocking Petara over as he did.

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