Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I'm Writing...

I’m writing a Sci-Fi novel right now. This is a little different from my usual of paranormal/fantasy, but it’s been brewing in the back of my head a while and it didn’t want to let go. Honestly, I’m really enjoying these characters and since the genre is a little new to me they are definitely leading the story as I discover who they are.

So, since I’m being blog-neglectful, I’ll give you a little bit out of the thought process of my main character. I think I’m starting to fall in love.

Truth is a terrible and condemning thing. When you don’t know it, you’re free. Then someone places you at the edge of it, you glimpse it and want to turn away so you won’t be responsible for possessing it.
Suddenly you’re exposed. Like radiation it seeps through your body, killing the bad and the good as if they’re one. If you deny it you’re no better than that which you condemn. If you embrace it, it will consume you.

The truth, it changes everything, and it starts with you.

That’s a little tiny bit of what I’m writing. Now, what are you writing?

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