Friday, April 27, 2012

High In The Sky Sci-Fi Hopes

Ok folks, this is it. Make it or break it.

I’ve written many manuscripts to date and my husband has read, well, not a single one. In fact, I’ve refrained from even letting him peek at a paragraph.

Sure, he’d show interest from time to time. But it was that kind of interest which said, let me just see a little, I probably won’t care enough to read more than that though. So instead of putting us both through the torture of, you don’t like it, you don’t care what matters to me… I just said no. He didn’t fight me too much on it either which only helped my resolve.

I mean, it’s not like I physically stopped him or anything. In fact, there were many times that he was present in the same room as completed, printed manuscripts and never even picked them up.

Until this one.

I printed out a copy of my YA SciFi to give to someone and before the ink was dry he had it in hands and was, gasp, reading it.

He put it down after a chapter and I tried not to have a heart attack. But he picked it up again that same night. He picked it up the next night too. After four chapters he said, ‘It’s really good.’ And I looked at him skeptically.

I mean, he isn’t the kind of guy for flattery. If it stunk he’d put it down, no matter who wrote it or who wouldn’t talk to him after. Still, I wondered.

‘Really. It’s an intriguing story. I like it so far.’

Knock me over and dance on my grave, because that’s like an average person gushing.

A wise writer I know on Twitter once told me that the first manuscript her husband ever read was the one that got her an agent and got her published. Ever since Kiersten White said that, I’ve been waiting for the sign. If you write it he will be interested and read it, then the publishing will come.

Well, I’m not one for holding my breath or anything, but who knows. It is a first and one I didn’t think I may see ever, so perhaps…

It still has a lot of reading and editing and polishing to go, but there’s a little spark of hope there. A little reserved spark, but still, a spark. We’ll see if he makes it to the end and if he does, well, who knows, maybe you’ll all get to see it too.

Here’s to a writer’s hope and the strange forms it comes in.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it! My support structure revolves around those closest to me reading my novels because I trust them. My husband reads everything.

The funny thing is, he only has a G.E.D. and finds stuff other, more educated editors, critters and beta readers miss. He astounds me at times.

But he also let's me know when I miss something, or if the story gets boring.

I'm very happy your husband likes your work. It truly gives one a stronger sense of accomplishment to hear those words. Appreciation for our work (at least for me) is why I keep writing. I'm not making a ton of money, but seeing 5 and 4 star ratings sends me soaring.