Thursday, April 26, 2012

Marriage Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

Very soon I will be celebrating 11 years of marriage. Which got me thinking. Maybe marriage really is like a box of chocolates…

When you've decided that one flavor is your favorite because you're tired of biting into duds, you have them fill up the whole box with that one flavor.

For the most part you love that flavor and can't get enough of it. But after a while you have moments when you think you can't take any more of the same old sweetness. You don't even want to open the box because you're tired of the same flavor day after day.

You see new flavors under the glass and mmmmm, do they look yummy. But then you think about them and what could be inside and chances are they'd just be another dud. Or say they weren't. Say they were as yummy as they look. How will they taste in a month or a year? Will they turn into the same old flavor too? Will they become normal, expected?

Besides, you see people who go off and abandon their favorite flavor in search of a new flavor and the search doesn't get any easier than it was the first time around. Actually they appear to have less patience for flavor testing and have less of an optimistic tastebud, so they're rather hard to please.

No. It's never worth it to leave the thing you love behind and go in search of something which doesn't exist. The perfectly pleasing flavor that never grows old or gets on your nerves is non existant.

What does exist is a whole box of yummy, sweetness that suits you perfectly. Because you know that you're taste isn't always perfect either. Sometimes you feel sour or bitter and you know that you're not always the most enticing flavor under the glass in the candy shop of life. But you picked each other and you love each other and you’re committed to nibbling on no other chocolates you meet along the way. Because when it comes right down to it the flavor you picked is your favorite and the two of you blend together to create a balance of flavor and texture that has taken years to evolve. Combined you form that balance and it’s good, it satisfies, and nothing else could compare.

Yes. Married life is like a box of chocolates, and mine is filled with the one flavor I picked out 11 years ago to be the only flavor in my box. It's a good flavor and every day I remember why I picked it out.

Happy Anniversary my chocolaty goodness. Here's to another 11 years of not dipping into anyone else's box of chocolates.

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