Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Perfect Metaphor

I was listening to my playlist on the way home from school drop off today and Theory of a Deadman came on with Since You’ve Been Gone. In a flash there I was, watching my characters have ‘that conversation’ again. You know, the one I keep putting off writing because it's in book 2 and convention keeps telling me not to write book 2 yet.

Then I drove into my driveway and saw this...

The perfect metaphor for them. Life growing from that desolate place where life should not flourish. And there were two. Of course there were two!

Ok, to heck with convention. It's a good thing I'm a writer and never pay much attention to that particular annoyance. Book 2 it is! My mystery will have to wait. Sci-fi calls to me and its voice will not be silenced.

Life is full of stories to tell and it keeps finding ways to let me know just which one needs to come next.

Their story isn’t done.

My job isn’t done.


Write, writer, write!

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