Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer in captions:

Ghost towns
Lava caves
Ugly dolls
Small town parade
Swimming every day
Cousins come
River days
Bear runs by
Gondola ride
Ice skating outside
(in the middle of July)
Moose wading
River otter swimming
Deer and antelope play
Bubble blowing
Mountain peaks
Valleys deep
Badger dodging
Beaver den exploring
Baby birds
Dawn hikes
Ice cream afternoons
Bug hunting
Hot tub dunking
Golden tans
Pineapple fans
Fish feeding
Board games
Alpine lakes
Pirate ships
Books to read
A bouncy slide
Hot springs
Fire smoke
Red sunsets
Marshmallow toasts
Saying hello
Tears for goodby
Moonlit nights
Fans blowing
Banjo picking
Bumpy dirt road driving
Daddy coming
Gift shopping
Goat scoping
Kids growing
Green apple munching
Changes coming
Bluest skies
Months fly by

Next year why don't we give it all another try...

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