Thursday, February 28, 2013

Busy Hands and Silent Brains

There has been a lot of emotional stuff going on in my family this week. Because of that my brain has been a bit too taped by reality to delve into my fictional worlds and accomplish any kind of writing or editing progress.

But 9:00 still rolls around and the young person in me refuses to let the old person in me sleep. So what do I do with time and a taped out writer's brain? Why I sew of course.

Sewing actually takes a very small chunk of my mental power and yet it keeps my hands sufficiently busy. It's rhythmic and repetitive. It can let me shut down without quite giving in to the day.

As I sit and sew my strands of braided rug together, forming a black, white and blue snail that continues to grow I'm wondering...
Do you have a busy hands hobby that you fall back on in those times when you need to silence your brain?

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