Friday, June 7, 2013

Middle Grade and E-Publishing

After self-publishing three books in the Young Adult market, I published my first Middle Grade. I was curious to see how the process and results would differ. I mean, how many Middle Grade readers are reading e-books and how many are willing to give a self-published author a chance? I figured the numbers might be lower and word of mouth become even more valuable.

Here are a few of the comparison numbers I’ve seen so far:

Amazon Free Kindle Promotions:

For my Young Adult books, 5 days of free promo resulted in roughly 500-800 downloads. Middle Grade resulted in 50. Wow, huge difference.

Goodreads Paperback Giveaways:

Young Adult giveaways gained the interest of about 400-600 participants. Middle Grade was right in between with just under 500. Not much difference there.


So for Middle Grade I’m inclined to believe that paper reading is still king.

Now word of mouth and reviews will be interesting to tabulate too. Will reviews come in quicker than with Young Adult, or will they be comparable?

If I see a trend, I’ll let you in on it.


Any sales trends you’ve noticed? And how have they affected how you market your MG vs. YA vs. Adult category books?

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