Monday, August 19, 2013

Power of Prayer : The Beaver Creek Fire

In the valley:
A week ago there was no rain or break from the hot, dry weather in the forecast. Then suddenly, miraculously, thunderstorms on the horizon.

Monday is predicted to be hot and dry.
Tues-wend-thurs-Friday all with the potential of thunderstorms. But before there are storms in the high desert, there is wind. Lots of wind.
Rain is much needed. In fact, with a fire this big, rain is the only hope for not just control, but defeating a fire. But first there must be control. They have to battle the wind, they have to hold back against the gusts, and that can be disastrous and deadly. Then, when the rain comes, it does not come alone. It rolls and crashes in a light show that is beautiful and holds as much potential for starting fires as the storm that began this one.

It's funny, because days ago, when no rain was in the forecast, some poor soul stated online that "prayer is useless. We need money to fight this." As I read that I was angered, then saddened. As I prayed for rain, for comfort, for healing, I knew that no amount of money could buy those things.

Now as we see rain ahead and wait with collective breath held I still pray, for safety, for comfort, for healing. For all the things that the wealth of the valley can't buy. The things that money can buy are there, working, fighting, a blessing. Yet even in the midst of the battle they wait too. For the unseen, but ever present. For hopes to become victory. For prayers to make a difference.

So I pray for the valley.
I pray for the rain.

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