Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Is It Too Late to Call For A Hiatus?

Ok, so things have been crazy. Between moving and new schools, I basically fell of the earth and missed far too many deadlines. I have no excuse, just explanation.

I’m sure my posting frequency isn’t about to improve all that quickly either. So, if you’re looking to stay up with publishing and book news, and giveaways, please try to follow me on twitter (@geistwrite) or ‘like’ my Facebook author page (Julie Geistfeld). I update those far more frequently.

I do hope to get back to regular blogging once I meet a few more deadlines.

I have another manuscript to publish and one to write before I miss that deadline too.


The good news is…

I am in the process of getting FROM HER BLOOD published and should be able to host a kindle free promotion over Christmas and New Years! Only a few months past my deadline, but better late than never.

I’ll get back on here and post links and free promotion dates soon.

In the meantime, Thank You! Thank you for checking in and keeping up, even when I haven’t.

Things can only improve from here J


Here is my newest book info:

HER BLOOD the series:




Please watch for the conclusion to the Her Blood series – coming in early 2015



Ryan always understood what he was. He understood his origins and had peace with the past. So when he sets out to discover a glimpse of his mother’s beginnings he has no idea what his father’s repeated warnings mean. “Don’t awaken your mother’s past.” Well, he’s curious after that.

When he flies into Sun Valley on a clear spring day he discovers an oasis that captures his heart and a girl who captures his dreams. It doesn’t take long before his promises start to unravel and when his mother’s past comes to life, so does Her Blood, which is fueled by a desire to protect the things he loves.

FROM HER BLOOD came life.

FROM HER BLOOD came strength.

And FROM HER BLOOD came a love that he is just beginning to understand.