Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fun Finds On Line - Volume 1

I’m going to be kicking-off some series of new posts, with a slightly less writer-ly bend. In this series, Fun Finds On-Line, I’m going to let you in on some of the cool little things I’ve found and purchased recently that deserve sharing. Since I do a lot of my window shopping and shopping on-line, I find things all the time that are cool and fun and I’d like to share. So why not get to it, right?


Today’s fun find is socks. Women’s tall, knee-high socks in fun colors. I have a bit of a sock obsession. I like fun, colorful socks that go well with my Doc’s and Converse. So here are the latest sets that I found on Amazon. They were a great deal and I am totally happy with the purchase. Not too tight, not shrinking or fading, and staying pulled up all day. Sure, they’re not super thick and will not last forever (I like them not too bulky anyway) but at the price I don’t mind replacing them when they wear out.

Highly recommend. So if you’re looking for socks, just click the links and you can have some fun socks that fit well and feel great. Happy feet, happy you!

Links to purchase (from
Colorful Socks
Fun Socks

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Unabashed Writer’s Plea (and a GIVEAWAY!)

My Facebook Author page has been sitting there a bit lonesome for some time. Yes, I’m not great at self-marketing. So I’m sending out a plea. If you’re out there and one of those who stops by the blog from time to time, perhaps you can help spread the word?

My goal is to reach 50 ‘likes’ on the page at When I hit the magic number I’ll be hosting an Amazon giftcard giveaway. A $15 Amazon giftcard will go to one lucky, random Facebook commenter.

But, I’m not done there. I know my blog consistency has been lacking, which is why I haven’t exactly grown in followers for some time. I’m going to do my best to correct that. One blog post a month starting, well, with this one. I’ll make it on the writing process or experience and on a good month you might even hear from me more often. My goal on the blog is 150 followers. When I reach that magic number I’ll host a contest here, with another $15 giftcard going to one lucky, random commenter.

I’m pretty good at remembering too, so if it takes two days or two months to reach these goals I’ll still ante-up.

Who’s with me?

Help me spread the word and I’ll be watching those numbers, waiting to give stuff away!

Thank you!