Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fun Finds On Line : Bee's Wax

Volume 2

Ok, here’s a little something new for you.

My hands get really dry and cracked due in part to bad circulation. But whether you live where it is freezing in the winter, dry in the summer, or doesn’t change much year round, I’m sure you run into this problem from time to time.

Something I found this winter really helped. Honey House Naturals Bee Bars are amazing. They might feel a bit thick, sticky and heavy to you and if so I suggest using them just at night before going to bed. If you leave a nice thick layer on then in the morning your hands will feel great and stay that way, no matter the weather, all day. The strange thing I found is that the small size is a completely different texture than the large size. The small is smoother and less like wax. I totally recommend the small set. If you just want to try 1, the Hawaiian has been my favorite, but the set is a good deal. It’s not always available, so click the link on the sidebar and see. If it’s not currently available, check again in a couple weeks and it should be back. I think you’ll be glad you tried them.

Happy hands to you!